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Michael Curtis


September 10, 2013

Pre-production Update on “GIFT”

September 10, 2013 | By | One Comment

Lots of progress has been made recently on our first narrative short film project.  Here’s a quick update.

Last month, in collaboration with Stilwell Casting, we found a great group of actors for our film. Veteran child performers Katherine Shepler & Royce Mann won the lead roles.  They are joined by Raymie Lewis and Melissa Etheridge to complete our small ensemble.


Throughout pre-production we have been humbled and honored by the passion and enthusiasm we’ve seen from the many people involved who are making the film a reality.

Our crew positions are nearly filled.  Many professional filmmakers have volunteered their services for free–even when offered pay–in order to bring the film to fruition.  It’s been humbling and exciting that they’ve connected enough with the script to want to do that.  With no outside funding for the collaborative (yet), these individual “gifts” are making the production of our film possible.

Principle photography is slated to begin in late September, and the film will wrap its production phase by mid-October.  We will be shooting in some great Georgia locations:  Atlanta,  Milledgeville,  and Jekyll Island.

There’s still more to be done as we move ever closer to shooting, and there are many areas where we could use your help.  So if you’re interested in helping support grassroots independent filmmaking in the southeast,  please contact us immediately.

We are still seeking a few key (experienced) professionals to complete our production crew.  And there are a number of additional support roles we would welcome if you have the time available.

Of course, if you are interested in helping the project but lack the time to get involved directly, we welcome financial contributions of all sizes.  Now that we are a non-profit,  donations we receive are tax-deductible for our donors.  But beyond that you will have the satisfaction of supporting artistic expression in Georgia.

We will post again soon.  We plan to give weekly updates during production featuring stills and behind-the-scenes video clips.

Don’t miss out on our exciting first production!  Sign up for updates on the site and please comment on the posts.  Your support and encouragment will help us make a better film.  We can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you!


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