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May 2013 - Filmstigator

Michael Curtis


May 21, 2013

Progress Update

May 21, 2013 | By | One Comment

One of the problems with an all-volunteer organization is that when folks are super busy with “regular” projects, it’s tough to make big advances on our MFC goals.  I am going to be meeting with professors from the creative writing program at Georgia College & State University next week to discuss putting our call for scripts out nationally via their literary journal.  So far our main challenge has been finding a workable script.

A handful of scripts have been submitted, but so far we haven’t found the right one.  And I’m committed to moving forward with production only with a great script.  So patience is called for.  I don’t want to just produce “any” film.  It takes so much work to craft a film that the story really needs to be spectacular or it’s hard to sustain the work effort through the entire process.  So we continue to look for scripts, and I may be holding a script competition very soon to help generate additional submissions.  Thanks for your patience as we are making progress, albeit slow progress.

The main reason more hasn’t happened with MFC, honestly, is that I have been traveling and shooting, directing, writing and editing non-stop.  In the last six weeks I’ve directed productions in Austin, Long Island, Seattle, Portland, New Haven, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Manhattan, and Houston. And I have two shoots this week in Atlanta, all for a good cause: I’ve been creating content for the American Cancer Society’s 100th birthday celebration. The video at the top of this page, “Judy’s Story,” is one of those spots. Here’s another:

Michele and Simone

Thanks again for your continued patience.  Please register on the site so you will get automatic updates as we move forward.  I think we should have a script by summer’s end!