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March 2013 - Filmstigator

Michael Curtis


March 24, 2013

Launch of the Milledgeville Film Collaborative

March 24, 2013 | By | No Comments

Welcome!  We are excited to announce the launch of the Milledgeville Film Collaborative, a grass-roots effort to bring artists from a host of varying disciplines together to craft great short and feature-length films.

One of our primary goals for the Collaborative is to build a creative community that enriches the lives and experiences of members and audiences alike. Ideally, we’ll create a model for collaboration that fosters creativity and results in powerful visual storytelling. We’re focused on making great films in Georgia and throughout the southeast, but we believe this model can easily be replicated to inspire similar collaborations elsewhere.

The Film Collaborative isn’t a club or a forum or a user group. It’s essentially a production company led by a specific group of artists and filmmakers who have elected to come together for a particular project. It’s designed for passionate people who want to get involved and help in whatever way they can to make quality films—even if they’re not directly filmmakers themselves.

In the next few weeks, we’ll begin soliciting scripts for our inaugural short film production (currently planned for the summer). If you’re a screenwriter with a great short movie script, we sincerely hope to hear from you. We have a strong team of writers, theatre professionals, and filmmakers who will review all submitted scripts and make recommendations on screenplays to “green light.”

We’re geared up to accomplish a number of projects over the next few months and beyond, so we will always be looking for quality screenplays. We hope to create at least three high-quality short films by the end of this year alone.

For a breakdown of the kinds of things we’re looking for, please check out our FAQ page. Screenplays meeting the criteria outlined may be submitted at any time, not just during the official call for scripts. Our need for stories will be ongoing.

We are looking to move quickly. As soon as our first winning script has been selected, we’ll move directly into pre-production for that project. The goal is to have that film cast, designed, planned and scheduled by late spring so that production can begin (and end) this summer.

We’re not playing around.

So here’s your chance. Get involved and make your own unique contribution to filmmaking. Send in your amazing screenplay, find out about upcoming auditions or how to join our crew for production. Or make a donation.

There are lots of ways to make your mark. So fasten your seatbelt. This thing’s about to launch.